Monday, December 29, 2008


This pendant stone is cut in yag. If you are not familiar with yag it is the material of choice of celebrities and movie stars to reproduce there expensive jewelry. They wear the reproductions and keep the 6 figure jewelry in the safe. The jewelers I cut stones for all want a simulant of Tanzanite and Emeralds. I put this stone on the counter of a jewelry friend without saying anything and the first words out of his mouth was "this sure is a pretty piece of Tanzanite". Yag is singly refractive, very bright and with high hardness and this color has the color change of Tanzanite too. It is brighter than Tanzanite but more durable and the color change from blue to violite is sweet. You can have the look of thousands for less than $100 in silver. This stone is usually set in gold but since I am just starting to sell on Etsy I decided to set this one in silver. You will not be disappointed in this piece.

I like cutting natural rough but the exotic lab created material sure is pretty. A lot of cutters like myself cut clear yag for a diamond substitute. It is much better than mossanite in my opinion. CZ dominates the diamond simulant market but it is much too brittle for a ring stone.

The stone is 8mm in a square cut that weighs 3.53 carats set in sterling siver.

New lower price, after Christmas sale.

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