Monday, December 29, 2008

Blue Stars

I decided to cut blue today not that I am having a blue day but blue is one of my favorite colors. These are man made Spinel rough that I have made Blue Star Gemstones out of. They would have been out of the ground spinel but the rough I wanted was going to cost me a house so I decide on man made. Like a good friend of mine says, if you need vitamin C you can drink orange juice or take a man made vitamin C pill and get the same result. This is what AAAA grade Spinel looks like in a custom cut design without costing a small fortune. I am like the majority of people, I do not have a $100,000 to spend on Gems but I know what they look like. Spinel and Sapphire are very similar in brillance, hardness and is a very tough gemstone.

These dangle earrings have 2 8.6mm stones that weigh 5.71 carats. The settings are sterling silver. I have included some photos of the stages of creating rough stones into precious jewelry someone can enjoy.

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